Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Time to eat and Camp at last!

Just to prove that the team actually got to eat their pizza, here are some photos with Imogen, Olu, Jamie and Liam

and one here of Jess and Ben.

and Ann, with Sarah waiting for her pizza.

Ann and I travelled with the young people and leaders from Elbasan on Tuesday morning. Here are some of the Elbasan lads.
We stopped on the way for a breakfast break. Here is one of the leaders Arjan, tucking into a typical Albanian breakfast of pilaf, rice. Just rice cooked with a few vegetables.
and the girls will have the same.
And Camp at last!! Here are some of the Elbasan crowd

and more of the Elbasan guys.

Three of our guys Olu, Nick and Ben with Ann

If Elbasan has a lot of guys, then Korca have a lot of girls. Here are three of them, with Gabriela on the left.

and another group with loads of girls are Librazhd.

Some of you will recognise Miranda, seated, who came to our REAL women's conference in June.Here she is with some of her girls from Tirana. This is Miranda's first time at our Camp as well as first time for many of their church youth.

So by Tuesday lunchtime, people had arrived, rooms were sorted, bed spaces allotted and everyone ready to eat. And the Camp was under way!

Let us see what God wants to do!

Ken and Ann


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