Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Team to Tirana

Last Sunday afternoon our team led by our Youth Pastor Liam arrived at Mother Teresa airport, Tirana. They had had an early start meeting up at 3am at Kerith, and then heading to Heathrow to catch their flight to Albania via Vienna. So it was an excited but tired team that I greeted at the airport. All aboard our bus and then several of them just fell asleep including Liam below

and Emily and Sarah

but there are some who are always wide awake such as our guys Nick and Jack.

We stopped in Elbasan for a quick pizza snack and a drink. This restaurant is inside the walls of an old Turkish fort. Here are Emily, Sarah and Jess about to order.

with Ben, Imogen and Jamie.

The restaurant setting is really quite stunning and so many wedding receptions are held here and they were preparing for one when we were there.

But too soon it was time to climb aboard the bus again and for our team to continue their journey to Pogradec where the Youth camp is held. Ann and I stayed in Elbasan as we would be travelling with the church group from Elbasan.

A lot of travelling in one day but getting there on Sunday gave the team all day Monday to recover and find their feet, before hordes of young people arrive the next day, Tuesday, all excited for the Camp.

Do pray for the young people at Camp that God will change their life. In one of my next blogs I will tell just one amazing story of what happened last year.

Love from Ken and Ann.



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