Thursday, 31 July 2014

Somebody tell somebody

Last year at Camp the unassuming young man on the right, Tiku, became a Christian. He went home and told his family and as a result 25 of his relations became Christians. So a new church has been started in his home village of Geshtenjas which is on the outskirts of Pogradec, the town where we hold the Camp. Ten of their young people are now here at this years Camp. In the photo he is with Edi Morava who has been to Kerith and was with us in February this year. Edi and his wife Arta lead a church in Korca.

The guy who leads the church in Geshtenjas is Yrri (pronounced Uri) who moved, with his wife Sanna and 3 daughters, from Tirana to Pogradec to lead it. He is on the right in the photo below with Ann and Shaban who leads a church in Tirana.

All this is from God moving through just one guy who became a Christian at Youth Camp. What power there is in somebody telling somebody about Jesus.

Lots of love Ken and Ann



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