Saturday, 13 July 2013

Youth Camp cont.

Here is Ida with some of the girls from Librazhd. The three girls on the left Neraila, Paula and Brisilda all became Christians at our first Camp. And Ben below, is with some of the guys from Elbasan.
Here is Liam speaking to the young people, with Edi from Korca translating. The young people really took to Liam with his enthusiasm for God, energetic style, sense of humour and ability to communicate to them.

Below is a group from a church in Tirana that came to the Camp for the first time and have loved it. Ann and I met their leaders, Tomori and Miranda only in April, then had a meal with them during the HTB leadership conference in London and invited their young people to come. And come they did!!
And some turned up I didn't expect! On the left is Madeline from Korca with 3 girls from Kosovo! Kosovo is Albanian speaking and more strongly Muslim than Albania.
On the left is one of the girls who became a Christian at the Camp, with Jorida from Tirana, telling her story of how she came to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ.
And finally from Friday evening, a quick shot of the 19 young people who became Christians at the Camp, with Edi asking some of them to tell of their journey to knowing God personally.
Camp is over all too quickly! Loads of new friendships have been made amongst the young people and with us, so there were farewells all round on Friday night and even more as we went our separate ways this morning, Saturday.
I am sure our guys and Ida have loads more photos that will appear on Facebook or where ever and even better still, really good stories to tell of their time here. Was the Camp a success? Absolutely!
Thank you for your prayers for lives changed. I believe they have really been answered!
From Liam, Dave, Josh, Ben, Ann, Ida and me.

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