Saturday, 6 July 2013

Discovery Workshop Day2

We were up bright and early to take the next 4 sessions of the DW here in Elbasan. Another day, so another outfit for Ida!
When Ida had finished speaking there was spontaneous applause! The people here love her. Rudina said "I feel as though I have known her all my life". They loved the fact that Ida is speaking their language, is speaking in a simple but clear way and she understands their jokes and comments and where they are coming from.
Here is Ida with some of the ladies. Ida then Jeta, Rudina, Kela, Blerina and Arjana.
And now with some of the guys...Arjan, Gezim, (Arjana) and Ilir.
Here is one of Ann, me and Ida
Then it was time for lunch. The Albanian version of the English sandwich.
Here is Sara, Ilir and Rudina's eldest daughter tucking in, and here is here mother doing the same.
Because of the heat, the air conditioning was on, wonderful! But then it was time for farewells until tomorrow morning and time for us to go home and have a shower and rest before going out to see some friends at 6pm.
It has been just such a wonderful time being able to bring Ida here and seeing the impact she and the material we taught is having.
See you soon.

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