Saturday, 6 July 2013

Discovery Workshop

Last evening we got down to the business of teaching the first sessions of the Discovery Workshop. Here is Ida at the end of a session and below in the midst of her talk.
It is just such a delight to have Ida from our church go to her home country and teach in her own language. As you imagine amusing comments Albanian style and good questions and answers flowed back and forth during the teaching. One could see the people took her to their heart, and Ida spent quite a time talking to people afterwards and praying for one lady in particular.
Evening sessions here at church start at 6pm. People have had their lunch and then a siesta in the afternoon so are ready for action about 5.30pm onwards. So after the teaching it was time to eat. People are out in numbers, just sitting and having a drink or going for a stroll in the warm evening air. Here is a picture of just a few of the dozens sitting in one cafe area.
We go to eat in a restaurant set inside the walls of an old Turkish fort. It is a stunning and amazing setting, often used for wedding photo sessions and wedding and other receptions. The Turkish/Muslim influence that lasted 400 years is still felt here today. Banners in the street remind one that we are in the midst of Ramadam. Coloured light up the walls of the fort and are also wrapped round the palm tree trunks.
After the meal it is back to the apartment, review what we did and talk through what we do tomorrow and then fall into bed! Another good day over.

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