Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Well here is Lee and Tom in the centre of Prizren this morning, Tuesday.

Historically there were many trades carried on in Prizren and some of them like this one, a metal worker, still continue.

There are 3 languages in use in Prizren, Albanian, Serbian and Turkish.

This is what we had for breakfast.

Lee and Tom with Shpendi outside the family home.

We had coffee out first thing this morning Tuesday, then returned home to a breakfast cooked by Shpendi's mother. It was a pancake mixture dropped into hot fat, cooked and then folded in half and eaten with jam or honey. It was like a light fluffy pancake. We had several of these!! We talked all last evening and over coffee this morning about the Youth Camp and how church life is for them in this city that has a very strong Turkish influence. This is seen not only in the number of mosques, over 25 in Prizren, but also in the amount of rebuilding that is Turkish financed and the amount of Turkish spoken on the street. Already I feel that we have achieved a great deal and that our friendship is growing. I won't give the details here but our journey with all the problems at the border has proved worthwhile. It is just so good to travel with Lee and Tom, and to have their contributions. It has proved completely appropriate and worthwhile to have Lee as Youth Pastor travel with me. He naturally develops his own relationships with people and is a key person when so many of the churches we meet have a high percentage of youth.
Please keep praying for Lee and Tom as their time here draws to a close and they travel home tomorrow. I am here another day and then travel onto Skopje by bus to see Aleksander and Elena and Marija and their church. The church here needs your prayer too as yet again I hear the calls of the muezzins from the mosques. All our love,

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