Friday, 5 November 2010

onto Pogradec and the 2011 Youth Camp

After Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in Librazhd with their youth, today it was all aboard a furgon, minibus, for a 90 minute ride to Pogradec by Lake Ohrid. This is the city where we hold the Youth Camp. And what more could you ask for? Here it is the first week of November and the temperature is 21-22C and dead calm. The mountains of Macedonia are in the background.

You can see Lee is in his short sleeve T shirt!

I nearly always take time to speak to young people like these teenagers we met by the lakeside. It improves my Albanian and you never know what friends you will make or how God will use the conversation.

Autumn is coming though and this tree was a magnificent sight against the cloudless blue sky. God is a wonderful creator. Lili the administrator greeted us at the Nehemiah Centre and showed us the new building they have finished that we will be able to use next year. It will provide bedroom space, showers, break out rooms and has a wonderfully equipped kitchen and dining room that comfortably seats over 100. Here are just a handful of the 300 children and teenagers they teach at the school, having their lunch.

And the photo below shows part of the new kitchens. The Centre is German owned and all the doors, windows down to the kitchen equipment, crockery, cutlery etc come by truck from Germany. The kitchen staff had a German lady train them for 2 weeks on how to use the new equipment!!

Now here is a photo Ann, who is at home in Bracknell, is waiting to see. Edi and Artina (Arta) with their first baby, Michael who was born in September. Edi and Arta lead a church in Korca. They had travelled from Korca to meet us and see the new facilities at the Nehemiah Centre and talk through some of the plans for next years Youth Camp.

And here is Lili, the administrator, admiring Michael as any mum would.

After our time at the Centre, I returned to Elbasan by furgon and Edi and Arta took Lee and Tom to their home in Korca. So tonight, Friday, Lee will be meeting their young people and again tomorrow and speaking at their church on Sunday morning. I am meeting some of the church people in Elbasan tomorrow and then speaking at the Elbasan church on Sunday when we will be joined by the church from Librazhd and I will bring them into Newfrontiers.

What a privilege to be here and to be able to share this with you!


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  1. I didnt know you actually spoke Albanian Ken.!!!

    The new buildings look fantastic....