Thursday, 29 July 2010

Youth Camp Pogradec Life in Victory

Wednesday morning saw the band setting up their equipment and doing sound checks with plenty of time and no problems like lack of electricity. The photo below gives you some idea of the main meeting hall with just the band in it.

Late morning saw people begin to arrive firstly from Librazhd

and then from Elbasan

quickly followed by Burrel and Korca, Lezhe and Tirana. Last year we had about 80-90 at Camp. This year we are nearer to 140, so the numbers have increased significantly. If you saw the bedrooms you would see bunk beds everywhere!
The afternoon began with lunch, here it is at 2pm, followed by free time and then the evening meeting. Below are Amy, Natalie and Heather all set to greet people, hand them their bangle with our slogan on it Jeta ne Fitore...Life in Victory just before the evening meeting when the first session began.

Worship was followed by a clear, well illustrated and powerful talk from Liam about the chains of sin that hang round us but have been put on Jesus in our place. Many people responded to what he said and several young people became followers of Jesus for the first time

Here is Amy praying with one of the girls..

and here are some from Librazhd responding

and others from Elbasan, with tears.

Thus morning Thursday, saw Robert from Lezhe talk about what the Bible says about living in victory. Robert was relevant, humourous and powerful.

Thus was followed by a break, and then a couple of seminar sessions which all our team were involved in leading before lunch. Here is Amy with some of her girls leading a seminar on prayer.

This afternoon the team are having some down time. This is there 6th day on the go and Lee thought it good to take them just a few miles away across the border into Macedonia to Sveti Naum, Saint Naum, a world away from the conference and its intensity.

Finally a word about posting comments. You may not know, but you can send us comments and we read them and then decide whether we publish them publicly or not. My sister from New Zealand for example sent me some personal comments, that I didn't make public. We love to receive your comments as it tells us at least someone is reading this! Lots of love, Ken and Ann


  1. We're so proud of you all! Praying for you - and for the conference and all the young people attending. Good to have a cool story about swimming snakes too! xxx

  2. I am just gobsmacked seeing the photos and hearing about how our young folk are leading and setting such a great example of Godliness...really fantastic to get up to date posts....
    and with the Twitters and Fbs from the others in group I almost feel as if I am "there" in real time...

    I am so glad they are getting some downtime...refresh and recharge for the next few days.....Pass on my encouragement...they should be so proud of Christ.

  3. Well documented and it seems God is just unflding more and more of His presence. Keep pressing in over the next 48 hours.... God moments