Monday, 2 August 2010

Youth Camp continued..

After the worship on Thursday evening three of the churches performed in different ways. Here are the group from Librazhd about to dance. On Friday evening the team performed the "Everyone" drama, the drama that they had done at the theatres in Elbasan and Librazhd and that had spoken so powerfully to many people. It had the same effect on Friday evening. Lee called for a response after the drama and several young people put their hands up to say they wanted to be Christ followers. This was followed by Lee speaking on the Holy Spirit. Again many young people came forward to receive the Holy Spirit.

Here you will some us praying for people who responded.

On Saturday morning Edi Morava from Korca, lead the session on praying for each of the churches represented and then sending us out.

Here are the group from Tirana. The young girl speaking told us how the session on forgiveness had spoken to her about some of her family she needs to forgive.

Ilir Koci, the leader of the Elbasan group introduced Mundi. Mundi was one of the guys that the drama in Elbasan spoke so powerfully to and who then asked to come to the Camp. Mundi said he knows he is a step nearer knowing God. Many of the young people expressed that they had never known such love before. Love from God in the worship and love from the other young people at the Camp. And they are looking forward to next year...

And Saturday saw us saying our goodbyes. This is never done in a few minutes in Albania. It is always hugs and kisses all round. Photographs taken and then more hugs and kisses. Here is Natalie with four of the girls from Librazhd.

Our guys with some of the girls from Tirana.

And our team with Librazhd.

Finally we were on our way to Elbasan. Lunch in an open air restaurant, of grilled meat, Greek salad and chips. Then to the local swimming pool to freshen up followed by the final journey in Albania back to the airport at Rinas and home to a cooler, greener England after an amazing, profitable and powerful time in Albania.

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  1. Once again...thanks for the updates and photos....the youth from Albania look fired up and ready for the next phase of their faith journey....
    Well done Team Kerith