Monday, 26 July 2010

So much to say

Well there is just so much to say as we have been so busy in the last 3 days. Saturday morning was sorting ourselves out and then going to the Skampa Theatre to set up at 6.30. It was full on. There are always to language considerations, transporting the equipment from the apartment to the Theatre making sure nothing was left behind, setting it all up talking through the programme, meeting Flori from Korca who also sang and so on. Elsa, a friend of ours, arranged for Lee and some of the team to be interviewed on the local Radio Station and for them to play live in the studio!. The Radio Station said they were impressed.

Doors opened before 7pm and we had an excellent concert that was very well received. Ethos played, then Flori sang 3 songs in Albanian, then Lee spoke with the drama sketch as well. The drama was very powerful and applauded by everyone! The friends I spoke with thought Matt was great in leading the songs, the sound of the band was excellent and the words of the songs very powerful.
Lee, above, earned his money as we would say, and everyone was just so pleased he was with us to do what he does so well.
Sunday morning saw us at church with Sam here on drums,

and Matt leading in worship,

This morning, Monday saw Ann, Amy and Natalie on the way to the guys apartment for breakfast having bought the bread and milk.

At 11 am we loaded all the kit into the minibus and we were off again now to Librazhd and another concert tonight.

Here are Paola, Arselda and Nerila, 3 of the girls from Librazhd who were at the Youth Camp last year who became followers of Jesus. After a thunderstorm!! we went to the Culture centre and set up the equipment but there was no electric power at all! So time for lunch.

So here are Amy, Zak and Matt at lunch. Now we are about to go and hold the concert. Please God change peoples lives! Lots of love, Ken and Ann

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  1. It sounds as if you guys are all very busy...and it looks so hot....!!!...

    been praying as the Facebook updates come in and the the a better picture of who and what I can pray for