Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Which door would you choose?

On Sunday Andy at one point needed the loo. He was pointed in the direction of these doors. Which door would you choose?

After leaving Artina in Korca on Saturday morning we travelled onto Pogradec to see the Nehemiah Centre where we held the Youth Camp last year and where we will be again in July. We wanted Simon and Andy to see where we go and how good the facilities are. Last year we gathered 85 youngsters and this year we would look for say 120. The Nehemiah Centre are erecting a further building so that the capacity will increase to 250. After a snack lunch in Pogradec we said our farewell to Edi and travelled by furgon back to Elbasan. On the way we saw a rare sight, an Albanian train! These are old Czech railway stock.

When we arrived in Elbasan, Simon and Andy heard the roar of the local football crowd. So of they went to see Elbasan beat their rivals 2-0. In the evening we had a wonderful meal in a Greek restaurant with Ilir and Rudina and Arjan and Blerina. Then afterwards we had ice creams. Here is Blerina and her daughter Orantia with Ann.

Sunday morning saw Simon preaching at the church in Elbasan followed by lunch with the leaders in a restaurant in a nearby village. I felt privileged to hear Simon speak to the leaders over the meal table and offer them such wise advice in such a good and easy spirit. Here are L-R Gazim, Arjan, Simon, Andy, Ilir and Ilir.

Well...which door would YOU choose? Andy chose the door on the right. WRONG! The toilet is the door on the left. The other side of the door on the right is the guard dog! Good job it wasn't a brown bear or wolf from the mountains! Then back to the home of Beni and Bartha who have looked after us so well, and for Simon and Andy to pack their bags, and begin the journey home. I believe it has been a hugely significant visit from two great guys who have been loved and appreciated where ever they have gone in Albania. And now a break for a day and then we eagerly await Lee's arrival! Lots of love, Ken and Ann


  1. A dog's room next to the toilet? Thats surely animal cruelty..hahahaha that was very funny! Poor Andy...

  2. Hey Ken and Ann...thanks again for all the photos and updates...and hope Lee arrives safe and has an excellent time....

    When I looked at the two doors in the photo and thought hhmmnn...which would I choose...the answer is I aint going anywhere without proper toilets...

    Thats why God has called you guys over there and left me here with a decent loo and bed and nothing to offer except my prayers for you..!!!