Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Friday, so it must be Korca...

Here we are at the furgon, minibus, station in Elbasan waiting to fill up the minibus before we set off. Simon, not one to waste a minute, is busy twittering! Korca is a 3 hour drive away travelling in the heat. I find just travelling here can be tiring. It is not a relaxing experience, but it is an opportunity to talk with people on the minibus who speak some English. Simon had a small photograph album with him of his family and church events which proved very helpful in breaking the ice. Was this Catrina's brilliant idea?

You may rememeber Artina and Edi who lead the church in Korca, here with Simon. They came to us in 2009. Arta has been invited to our Ladies REAL conference.

Korca is considered Albania's city of culture and has an area called Little Paris with cobbled streets. Enver Hoxha was educated at the Sorbonne in Paris and even in communist times he allowed French to be taught at a lycee only in Korca.

The Orthodox Cathedral is in the centre of Korca. Whilst Simon and Edi had coffee and talked we went for a wander through some of the old back streets behind the Cathedral. After this we went to the building that Edi rents for his church. The young people were preparing for a wedding on the Sunday. Preparations included dancing!

So we all had a go! I've got some video clips to up load next time! Then a meal in the evening together and back to our hotel.

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  1. Good to keep us informed of what you have all been up to....love all the photos and will look forward to seeing your videos of the dancing....