Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Last Thursday saw us travel to Librazhd where we met the leaders of the church Ilir and Donika and Ladi and Ornela. We had coffee together outside in a cafe. Here is Simon with Ornela on the right and Valentina on the left, and us. Some of you will know we have an Albanian guy Besnik who comes to our church. Valentina is Besnik's fiancee. Donika, not in the photo, and Ornela and Valentina have been invited to the Ladies REAL Conference in July. Please pray they get their visas.

Here is Andy and Simon with Ladi and Ornela. As we talked Ladi suggested that our band plays in the local theatre when we come in July before we hold the Youth Camp. So we are looking into this. Lee, our Youth Pastor, will see the theatre and talk this through with Ladi.

And really I should have put this photo first. Here is Besnik with Valentina! They look a happy, lovely couple don't they? After a truly amazing meal together in the evening, when Andy and Simon ate a sheep's head!? Ilir drove us back home to Elbasan. A really wonderful and profitable evening together.

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