Tuesday, 28 April 2009

North to Shkodra

On Sunday morning we were with Robert and Mira at their church. I spoke from Genesis 37 about the mistakes Jacob and Joseph and his brothers made, but mainly that Joseph wore the coat he was given by his father and we need to wear "the coat" our Father God has given us.

Yesterday we travelled to Shkodra, the main city in the north of Albania. It is a university town, is surrounded by rivers on three sides and so historically has been easily defended by its huge hill top castle. It is the most Roman Catholic part of Albania and is also on the shores of Lake Shkodra, the largest lake in Albania and one of the biggest in the Balkans. Because the city is on flat land by the lake there are cyclists everywhere, even women cycling, which is something one doesn't see in the rest of Albania. Mira did not learn to ride a bike until she was 14. Robert met with friends whilst we walked with Mira who bumped into friends all the time as this was where she worked for 2 years.

I often think what images will convey to you that where we are is not like home. Well here, above, is a photo of the centre of Shkodra with the Abu Bekr mosque, which is front of the Orthodox cathedral which is close to the Catholic cathedral. There is also a photo of sheep on the main road into Lezhe.

We had lunch at a fish restaurant beside Lake Shkodra. My fish came cooked on ridge tile from a
roof! Getting this written up has taken time today...the electricity supply was cut off half way through doing this and then when it came back on no one could get the Internet!! Thanks for your comments...keep them coming.

Ken and Ann


  1. Hi Ken and Ann. So good to get news and views....imagine that a sheep just wandering around.....I guess in the UK sheep wouldn't survive the traffic...road kill everywhere!

    I am glad you are able to get online. I am currently updating Simon and Zoe's blogs as all they can send from Zambia are text messages.

    That fish looks appetising...we had our first bar-be-que today in the garden but by seven it was chilly as the heat evaporates so fast.

    Sermon sounded challenging. Made me think that you are both like people with many colours-you bring a rainbow of experience and knowledge of the ways of the Kingdom to a monochrome culture that has been grey through communism, poverty and Islam. Keep updating us-so wonderful to be in touch and connected to you both out there. Much love, Jax

  2. Love the photos (especially the fish!!) great to hear your news you sound extremely busy I pray you are being blessed as you bless those you minister to x