Friday, 10 April 2009

After many promptings we thought it best to set up a blog to help many of our friends and family to follow us as we journey through the Balkans. Some of you will know that we have been travelling firstly to Albania and now later to Macedonia and Kosova. We will try to keep this up to date but not every town has an internet cafe, and in this part of the world even they can have their power supply cut off. This year we will not fly to Albania until Thursday 23rd April when we go direct with BA to Rinas, the village that gives it's name to Albania's airport.

We fly out with Mira, wife to Robert (photo) who lead a church in Lezhe some 30 miles north of Tirana the capital. We were invited to Robert and Mira's wedding in Vlora last August. It was our first experience of an Albanaian wedding which was absolutely wonderful. It is at least a 2 if not 3 day affair with meals and dancing first at the brides parents house and then at the bridegrooms. Only after everyone is exhausted and had their fill of food and dancing does the groom take his bride away. It is at this point, when the groom formally collects his wife from her parents' home, that they are married! Can you imagine the setting overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea and a temp of 37C, dancing until you wanted to drop, and food continuously being provided? Well it is to their new home that we will go and spend 4 or 5 days with Robert and Mira and people in their church.


  1. Hi Ken and Ann. What a good idea. Blogs are such a great way of keeping in touch with people and I will look forward to hearining your news and looking at the photos, and will feel the suntan you will be getting! I will pray that God will open doors for you and that your trip will be a delight for you and for the people that you meet. Love Jacqui

  2. What a great idea! I think Blogs are a good way to keep in touch and it is so easy to add a photo or a map (please do that as I get so confused with the countries in that region) I will be thinking and praying for you on your visit. We will all be envious of the sun that you will sit in, and tell us how it really is so we have a true sense of what life is like for people in Albania which is only a few hours away in a plane, but many years away from our experience in this land of wealth and opportunity.

    I pray that God will continue to open doors and open hearts for you. That you will reap and harvest many friends and disciples and will enjoy good health and fun in all you do.

    Much love, Jacqui

  3. Yippee..a Bothamley Blog....what fab idea...always interesting to see where and what you guys are doing....and a good prompt for immediate prayer too.

    wow...the wedding sounds as if we could all learn how to REALLY celebrate .!!

    May you know Peace..Joy...Liberty in the Holy Spirit....good health and much fruit

  4. Oh well done for setting this up.Will certainly look forward to reading about what you are doing and all the news of your trips

  5. Dear Ken and Ann,
    I enjoy the distinction of being 1st to saay hello!!
    My name is Ginnette Hargreaves and I live in Harmonsdswater, Bracknell. Last night now, at the Prayer Meeting Simon told us that you and Ann on on your travels.

    What a wonderful ministry God gas called you both too.

    All blessings and goodd health to you both on your journey.

    Love to you,


  6. Hi Ken and Ann
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and thinking of you whilst you're away. We're so proud of your "get up and go" attitude!Can't wait to read of your adventures in Albania on this blog. Love you and praying for you x