Saturday, 25 April 2009

Life in Lezhe..

Well we are here in Lezhe! We flew here from Gatwick with Mira ,Robert's wife. With all of our suitcases and hers, I wondered how Robert would get us to their house, but not to worry, Sokol a Policeman in their church arrived with a minibus to take us to their apartment. We have had a day settling in, buying the fruit and veg; we have had an Albanian lesson Un Jam Ken, I am Ken etc and meeting Mira's brother Mundi who is studying journalism at university. We have already invited Robert and Mira to the Willow Creek Leadership conference as I know they would so benefit from it. We are catching up on the news of their church and other people we both know here in Albania and are talking future plans. Now we are heading off to Shengjin, St John, a small harbour and beach nearby to have a lunch of fresh fish in a small cafe overlooking the blue Aegean Sea! What a good beginning to our time here in Albania!

Thank you for your appreciative comments. When we read them the distance between here and home instantly disappears and it is though we are with you.

Ken and Ann


  1. Hi Ken and Ann...Un Jam Irene...never thought about it but you guys could run a "distance learning" langauage course from there...

    I am praying for you both that not only would you continue to have a huge impact on the Albania church but also that God would bless you both personally....more than you could ask or imagine.

    I hope yoy enjoy the lovely blue sea the sunshine...and a fishy lunch ...we have just returned from Southampton where the wind was blowing a gale and the sea was dark and murky looking and only fish we could see were lying on a hot plate looking very sad in the Ikea Cafe.!!!

  2. Great to hear that you got there safely. It's been quite sunny in Bracknell today, but lunch by the Aegean Sea sounds preferable!

    You two are amazing and we are so proud of you both.


  3. Great to hear your news and to know you're settling into life there as well as learning some of the language...I'm with Irene on the long distance laguage course thing if you need any more recruits!! God Bless xx