Thursday, 18 April 2013

Church life in Nis

Sunday morning saw us together for worship.  Here are Misha and Karolina leading us. Karolina is from the Czech republic and invited a group to come and do evangelism.  The Czech group gave a couple of personal stories and then I spoke.  They finish with worship which they believe is more helpful for people who come from an Orthodox background.  And no, I don't understand the words either!

Earlier in the week Lee and I had a meeting with some of their leaders in Vlada's apartment.  Vlada's wife Sonja was in the UK during the week so we met her on Saturday night.  Here are Karolina with her husband Sreten, a Bosnian Serb, Mejli, Vlada, Vlada's daughter and son and Misha. This is when we learn what is happening in their church, the problems they face, the help they feel they need, practical, financial or personnel wise.  This is when we ask question after question to get a picture of what is happening and they also ask us numerous questions on how we do things.  It is where relationships are built as we appreciate each others openness and desire to see God move in peoples lives.

After Sunday lunch Lee and I left Vlada and Sonja with their family to spend time together, whilst we talked through all that had happened and wrote down our thoughts for discussion. 

Monday morning Vlada picked us up from our hotel and we sped on our way south over the Macedonian border to meet Sash and Marija from Skopje at a convenient petrol station.  Our time in Serbia had come to a close for now and the way to Macedonia was open.


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