Sunday, 21 April 2013


To all of you have been here on Youth Camp teams or have been here with Ann and me such as Lee, Liam, Dave and Colin. Here is a picture and word to bring back memories. AKALLORE! If you haven't already guessed it means Ice cream! The taste and cheap price is as good as ever! Wonderful! Must get another!

Having arrived on Wednesday afternoon late, I went to the church building in Elbasan. Newfrontiers are having a Balkans area Conference here next week from Monday evening to Thursday lunchtime.  One of the reasons for us being here.  So the church here were busy, busy getting the place sorted in readiness. We as a church have helped them financially in kitting out the kitchen. Good equipment is obtainable here and comes from Italy, just across the sea. So here is some of the cooking range and powerful expel air.

Much needed cupboards

A good size fridge and freezer and hand wash area. This latter item is an innovative idea to people here.

The kitchen includes a microwave, dish washer and washing machine to wash tea towels etc.

A detail from one of the tiles

The whole area surrounding the church building has been cleared and cleaned. I am impressed. It speaks of quality and wanting to serve people well. Leaders will be coming from Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece as well as the UK.  Just as our Kerith church building has spoken to many I believe this will happen here.

This morning Sunday I spoke at the morning meeting followed by coffee and another round of sorting and cleaning in final preparation for the conference. As I write this in an Internet cafe at 9pm, I know guys from the UK will be on the BA flight arriving at 10.30 in Tirana.  An over night stay in the capital and then they will make their way here with others overland from the surrounding countries. Here is the meeting hall where we will be just so that you can picture it.

Please pray for us all as we gather that we know God speaking to us personally and for the churches we represent.

Love from Ann and Ken

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