Monday, 21 May 2012

Mums and toddlers

At Friday lunch time we were taken to Alur and Marvi's house where we met Marvi and a number of the ladies who are interested in running a mums and toddlers group in the church.  It was great to meet up with Alur and Marvi again after their visit to us in March and to see where they live.  Whilst we ate a wonderful spread laid out for us, Sue spoke to the ladies about why and how we run our Sparklers group. 

There was great interest and loads of questions.  I wanted Sue to get to meet the ladies early on in our visit as I knew there would bound to be questions that Sue could answer as the weekend progressed.  Her session went on until late in the afternoon, when it was then time for us to head for the church and a meeting with many of their leaders and people.

Alur and the leaders who came to visit us had been impressed with how many projects we run that reach out into the community and impact our town.  They asked me to speak about this, what we do, how they had developed, where the ideas came from, how we organise and administrate it all, where we get our volunteers from and so on.  We had a break for something to eat, evening meal time, and then carried on with questions and answers back and forth until well on into the evening.  All the time Riina our translator is working hard, hardly having time to eat!

So it was time to call it a day, Sue to return home with Angela where they carried on talking about mums and toddlers and Ann and me to our self catering apartment.  Being as far north as the Orkney Islands, it is still light way past bedtime, and this is rather confusing even for us who are used to light evenings.  We climbed into bed at the end of a very good day and it is still light outside! 

I had read in a book before coming about a strange thing they have here in Estonia, and now I have seen it.  One sees buildings with the sign Pood outside.  It is pronounced Pod, as in pea pod, and it means Shop. It doesn't have on it the type of shop it is or the name of the shop like Tesco's extra or Subway or whatever, it just says Shop.  You have to go inside to find out what they sell. How strange is that!

What we did last Saturday in the next blog!

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