Wednesday, 16 May 2012


By the time you read this my wife Ann, and Sue Davis, above, and me will be on our way to Estonia from Luton Airport.  You may know that we had 6 leaders from a church in Kuressaare on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia visit us in March this year.  This is the home church of Virge Maton, who is married to Mike who are part of us. The pastor Alur and his wife Marvi came with Kalmer (worship) and Angela (children), Ain (artist and leader) and Karin (youth).  They saw most of what we get up to, and though they did not see our mum's and toddler's work called Sparklers, they believe this is what they want to run with.  So we are travelling with Sue who has been involved with Sparklers for more than 20 years, who will share her experiences.
We stay in Tallinn overnight and then we will be on our way on a 4 hour journey, including a short ferry crossing, to Kuressaare.  The island is as far north as the Orkney Islands and the weather will be similar to here, a real mixture of showers and sunshine and it will be cool.
Please pray for us as we build relationships, share with the people from the church, speak on local radio, and for Sue who will be experiencing Estonia for the first time.
We look forward to blogging from Estonia.

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