Saturday, 28 April 2012

God knows Lydia doesn't like the sun...

and so we had rain and some sun whilst she and Gita were with us, but the moment the guys arrived, Coiln, Dave and Liam we have had blue sky and SUNSHINE!  Here are the guys with Ann in the centre and Lili from Burrel who travelled with us on the forgon from Tirana to Elbasan.

We are staying in the same apartment we usually use that gives us wonderful views over the city with the mountains still topped with snow in the distance.

Colin and Dave began their first session on Friday evening,

with Arjan translating for Colin

and some more of the musicians and singers.  As Dave has been out to the Youth Camps before and Colin came to Elbasan last November they now know most of the people they are talking to.  It is also great to see friendships being built and renewed amongst the singers and musicians from the different churches.

After a well received first session, it was time for the guys to eat (no shopping!) and return to the apartment.

Saturday morning saw a 9 o'clock start that will go through to 3pm.  Here is Visi from Korca on the drums,

with Lindita, called Vila, singing, with Xhuljo on electric violin and Geni on guitar all from Korca.

and just to finish for now, here is a photo of Diti, Mirjana and Jorida from Tirana.
This morning Liam is with Lili from Burrel, Ilir from Elbasan and Ilir from Librazhd and Edi from Korca talking about and working out the programme for the Youth Camp in July.  I had better get back to see how they are getting on..Lots of love Ken

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