Friday, 31 July 2009

Ethos on song

We thought you would like to see where our guys are actually staying. So here is the accommodation and eating block. Ann and I have just put our heads in the room Ethos have and well... if you have a son you can imagine what the room after 2 days with 8 guys in it is looking like. I didn't take a photo!

This building holds the main hall on the first floor with sliding screens just as we have at the Kerith Centre, only more modern. The screens are white and magnetic so can be used as white boards and for fixing things to it easily.

Then the volleyball court which was used last night starting at 11pm! with a volleyball tournament between the six churches here. I think they all slept well afterwards.

Last night, Thursday, we had another great time of worship, then Lee spoke on how you can know Jesus for yourself if you do not know him. He also called for a response if one is already a Christian. Nearly all the young people responded openly to what was said. This was followed by praying with the young people for a quite a while.

Here is Arta (Artina) from Korce praying with one of the girls.

This morning, {I almost forgot to tell you that we wake each day to blue sky and warmth, with the mountains close by and the lakeside 200 metres away}, Liam spoke on the Holy Spirit. Here is Zak helping with an illustration.

And here are some of the young people listening to Liam speak. Liam also called for response and we spend time asking the Holy Spirit to come upon all of us. Words of encouragement were spoken to many. This time was followed by another session of workshops. Here is Emily and the girls who were with her.

Hudson and David spoke on worship to a very keen group of guys and girls who for the most part are already involved in worship in their local church. They were all still talking when everyone else had gone for lunch!

Liam and Zac followed their talk on the Holy Spirit by further session on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

This afternoon has been a free time, when some catch up on their sleep, others go for a swim in the lake, yet others walk into Pogradec itself, whilst others build friendships by sitting and talking. Young people and leaders alike are saying what an excellent time they are having. I think wonderful relationships are being built, church leaders with church leaders, young people from one church with others, our relationship with the churches in Albania but above all our personal realtionship with Jesus.
Another worship time this evening and then tomorrow, sadly we will have to pack our bags and be on our way home. We are organising a couple of treats for the team. Roast lamb on the spit with Greek salad with chips for lunch, then a time in a really nice swiming pool. I think they deserve it!
There may just be time for one more blog!
See you soon,
Ken and Ann

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  1. Thanks again Ken and Ann...the photos are fantastic.....I did think that Liam and Zac were just being friendly.(!)....
    Isnt it amazing the youth being so confident in their ability and giving away so freely all that God has done in them to people from another culture.....
    We can sit back and watch how God will continue to knit these churches and folks together.
    I am so proud of the way you and Ann have forged ahead and provided a great example to us on how to step way out of comfort zones....
    Praying now ....