Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ethos has landed...

in Albania! Here we are at the start of our journey on Tuesday at Gatwick airport. We got all our guitars transported for free, which was great. Then a 3 hour flight to Rinas airport in Albania. Vaso from Edi's church in Korca met us at the airport. A 2 hr journey over the mountains took us to Elbasan where we met Ilir, the church leader and Arjan. Elbasan is the city Ann and I spend most of our time in Albania. We had coffee and a bite to eat and then another 2 hrs to Pogradec arriving about 1am! A long day!

People started arriving on Wednesday morning from the 6 churches represented from all over Albania. Our first session together was in the afternoon followed by our evening meal, spaghetti Bolognaise, and then another worship session which really took off!

Our guys were brilliant to get it together technically when nearly everything they needed was not there on arrival. But the drum kit appeared, so did the microphones, a bass amp and so on. You can see they are a bit cramped for space and it is hot! Worship is in Albanian and English. Hudson has done really well in leading worship with this mixture.

Our guys travelled well, and ate well but sleep was a bit difficult the first night with the heat. But they went for a swim in the lake to cool down. This morning after our worship we had workshops all led by our team. Here is Emily with some of her group. She spoke on Pathways.

And here are Zac and Stuart with some of their group. They led a session on personal evangelism. Lee spoke on "Even though your group is small you can make a big difference" and Hudson on "Worship as a lifestyle". So you can see they are all getting stuck in.

Lastly, for the moment, here are a group from a small church in Librazhd that Ann and I visited in May. They were just starting an Alpha course in a house and they are with us today because we visited them and invited them. Pray it will be life changing for them and for all of us here.
Lots of love, and we will be in touch.
Ken and Ann

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  1. Thanks for the info re the pictures and I am convinced Blogs are Gods way of keeping us all in touch and a part of what is going on even for those of us who never leave the country.Please know that when I read the blog entry I automatically begin to pray over what I am reading.
    Ken ...I love the way you always mention the food ...that is so typical of YOU.!!!