Sunday, 19 March 2017

Young people and more young people

Whenever we are in Elbasan we do our best to visit Arti and Vali and their daughters Era and Elsa. We rented an apartment from them the first time we came to Elbasan and we have remained friends. Each time we go we are offered Turkish coffee and a glass of raki and something to eat. They know Ann is gluten free so they offered her some ballakume Elbasani which is made with maize flour. But no raki for me, because I am taking penicillin for my infected foot.

I asked Elsa for her help in buying a cheap phone to use in Albania. My Albanian SIM card for some inexplicable reason doesn't work in my phone. Earlier I had gone to a Vodafone shop in Elbasan where mobile phones are displayed with prices shown and asked to buy one. Their answer? We don't sell phones! Sorry about the pun. But Elsa knew where to go, to a Vodafone shop run by a cousin of hers and a cheap phone was duly bought. At last I am in contact with the the rest of Albania!

Next stop was to travel to the neighbouring town of Librazhd to meet and speak to the young people of Librazhd Community Church. This is the door to their building

and here are some of the young people with Ann. At the front next to Ann is Nerila who was one of the initial 5 young people we met from Librazhd who came to our first Youth Camp and became a follower of Jesus. Now she is living and working in Tirana.

And the rest of the group are here. Notice that there a good number of guys! Some of the church youth invited their friends and this is the result. The Librazhd church has probably been the most evangelistic of the youth groups we have known over the years, and they have seen many become Christ followers. I spoke from the life of Joseph who was just 17 when his brothers threw him in a pit and the story of his amazing, turbulent, God led journey through life began.
Then back to Elbasan by taxi, paid for by the young people. By 5.30pm few people want to travel and getting an inter town minibus, a furgon, is difficult, virtually impossible. And back to another group of young people!
The Elbasan youth were doing Youth Alfa and thoroughly enjoying it. This group is led by Mundi, back row third from left. Mundi came to a concert that we did in the theatre in Elbasan about 8 years ago, Matt Price led the band. What was said intrigued him, he came to the youth camp and then became a Christian on an Alpha course run by the Elbasan church. Now he is the youth pastor.
A hot chocolate and lemon tea with Ilir the church leader and then Ann and I had a meal out. Risotto seemed to be the order of the day. Yes it has got a piece of a strawberry and a chunk of radish on top! But my, was it tasty.
And so back to the apartment and another day draws to a close. I wonder what God has in store for tomorrow?
God bless you!
Ken and Ann



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