Wednesday, 25 November 2015

At last the photos!!!

Now here are the photos I wanted to upload in Albania.  Easy enough when one is at home on your own computer. This is the restaurant by a river that looks likes a ruined castle in the village of Mullett.  Tomor and Miranda took us here to talk through the arrangements for next years Ladies UNIKE conference.  

Ann with Miranda

and inside the restaurant.

On Friday evening Mira, Ida's sister, and her husband Gjergji took us to a fish restaurant in Tirana for a wonderful meal.

Prawns with pomegranate seeds

Then a raw fish salad with pomegranate seeds, though we think the fish had been cured in lime juice,

noodles with mussels

and then sea bream cooked with cherry tomatoes and olives

and finally fresh fruit for desert all In season, new oranges, mandarin oranges, persimmon and kiwi fruit.

The church in Elbasan have just finished installing underfloor heating pipes in the main hall and three rooms off this corridor.  The ceilings and walls have been plastered and painted and now the concrete is being laid on the floor covering the pipes.  It is left to cure for a month.  

The main boulevard in Elbasan on a fine November day. Blue sky and 22C at midday.

And finally, orange trees grow alongside several of the roads in central Elbasan.  They are a lovely sight with their bright orange fruit, almost like Christmas decorations. Now you have been able to see what we see and understand how enjoyable it is for us to be in Albania. 

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