Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Life in Elbasan

With the continued heat, 2 weeks of +35C, people were looking for this, the clouds that herald a thunderstorm bringing the cooling rain. And rain it did. Big heavy drops that drenched the streets and cooled the air, bringing a short relief from the heat. But just a couple of hours later the temperature was back to normal!
Sunday morning we worshipped with Ilir and Rudina and many people who are our friends, grateful for air conditioning! Ilir spoke from 2 Cor 5v17, on being new creatures in Christ.
On Sunday evening we made our way to Ilir and Rudina's apartment for an evening meal. In the road nearby is a huge hole exposing work that is being done on the main sewer drain. This hole was here in May when we came with our ladies to their apartment.
Rudina and 2 of her daughters, Sara and Eliada.
As usual the table was spread with food, boiled potatoes, because the English like them, roast chicken, salad,olives, boiled eggs, and pickled aubergine.
On Monday evening Ann had arranged a flapjack cookery lesson with Elsa. One of the first families we met when we came to Elbasan was Arti, Vali and their daughters Era and Elsa. We stayed in an apartment they rent out, and we have been friends ever since. So here is Vali with Era and Ann in the kitchen. First challenge was that they have no scales. Ann had brought with her the oats, golden syrup, baking parchment and a tin to cook the flapjacks in. Now you know some of the things thay go into our suitcases!
And the finished product!! Looks goos to me. We didn't get to taste it but I reckon Vali and the girls would have eaten most of it before Arti came home from work.
And a family photo with Elsa, Era, Vali and Ann with 2 girls from next door.
This was Monday evening and we were already aware that Liam and the team of 9 with him had had their Sunday late night flight with Pegasus Airlines to Istanbul cancelled and they had stayed overnight in an hotel near Stansted airport.
Their journey to get to the Youth Camp is another story.
From a continuing hot Albania.
Ken and Ann



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