Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ladies UNIKE Conference in Albania Day 1

After all our planning, thoughts, prayers and discussions, the first day of the conference had arrived. How would the registration work and the serving of teas and coffees and so on? Would all those who had booked come? We need not have feared. It wasn't long before the courtyard area was full of ladies arriving. Registration is so much easier, when with the help of good warm weather, it can all be done outside! All the ladies you see in the photos are part of the largest Christian womens conference anyone has seen in Albania.

All of our girls helped in the registration or giving out of gift bags including Iris, below, with one of the Albanian ladies.

Pretty quickly the meeting room began to fill...

Women from churches Ann and I have no connection with came to hear Catrina.
And others we know well such as these ladies from Elbasan below,
and these young ladies from Librazhd,who have been to our youth camp several times, together with Megi, front left, from Tirana.
The conference began with worship and then a session from Catrina before lunch. Lunch was a leisurley affair giving people time to find the fast food places and cafes that suited them. On return coffe, tea and cold drinks were served with a chocolate eclair.
Then worship, a dance, Catrina speaking again and then the day concluded with prayer for one another.
I could have taken literally dozens of photos of delighted,very happy women who had thoroughly enjoyed the day being in God's presence, hearing Catrina, meeting old friends and making new, being challenged and encouraged and being part of something very special.
For our team of girls, they wanted to take a leisurely stroll back to the hotel, but making sure that we passed an ice cream place on the way. Even better, we came to a patisserie that served not only ice cream but a wonderful selection of mouth watering, deliciously tempting, cakes and chocolates! We just had to go in!
A rest and shower, and evening meal in an Italian restaurant and a very good day had ended.


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