Monday, 27 April 2015

Ladies UNIKE Conference in Albania 1,2 Maj

At last years Ladies REAL Conference in the Kerith centre, Miranda Ajeti, below, knew straightaway in her heart that she wanted a Ladies Conference in Albania. This put together with Catrina Benham's desire to speak overseas, and the Ladies UNIKE Conference in Tirana, Albania was born.
Just over 350 Albanian ladies are booked into the Conference that will be held in the Qender e Khristare, Tirana. (Christain Centre). Miranda lives with her phone glued to her ear tallking to church leaders, women who want to come but not yet booked in, people who will provide the drinks and seemingly countless others.
For Ann and me it has been a day to check out the Centre and the seating, (comfortable red chairs like the Kerith) where registration will take place, how drinks will be provided, how the building will be cleaned during the day, who will be there to operate the sound system as well as choosing the pastries that will be eaten during the breaks!
We are all delighted not only at the numbers of ladies coming, but also the number of churches represented. As is usual most are coming through personal contact with churches from Korca, Librazhd, Elbasan, Kajan, Fier, Gjirokastra, Vlora, Kruja, Lac and many from Tirana.
So we are almost there! Tomorrow, things begin in earnest as Catrina and 8 of our ladies from Kerith will arrive at the Mother Teresa airport, Tirana. From there they go straight to their hotel as they get their first glimpse of Albania. We have built in time for them to adjust by looking round the centre of Tirana and then the following day taking a trip to Elbasan. This will give them chance to see the countryside, taste the food, and the yummy Italian ice cream, visit one or two people houses, go to a pazaar,(market) and see some shops. We will go to an Orthodox Cathedral and a mosque (xhami) and have lunch in the remains of a Turkish fort, a reminder of the Ottoman Empire that ruled here for 400 years.
The Bible says that we make our plans but God directs our steps. We have made our plans, but we so want God to do what only He can do,and that is to move in peoples hearts. Please pray for this to happen and we look forward to what God will do.
Ken and Ann


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