Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Korca church workers meeting

On Monday at 6pm we met with the men and women who head up the various ministries in the church. Buildings here are built for the summer heat, so high ceilings, tiled floors and heavy curtains to keep out the light and thereby the heat. But in winter and even now in spring it works against them so that rooms are cold, sometimes very cold. So the sob, the wood burning stove, has pride of place at their Sunday meetings. Here we are gathered round the sob, but it is not lit, so as you can see, people are wrapped up against the cold.

After introductions, we asked them what issues they faced and after suggesting a few things to them the conversation and the questions flowed. Dealing with growth in the childrens work, communication amongst themselves and with volunteers, gathering volunteers and looking after them and planning ahead were some of the topics we covered. In the photo below are l to r Daniella, Vile and her husband Fredi,

then Vaso, Toshca, married to Daniella, Kostika and Olsi one of the Elders.

And finally Olsi again, Julia and Renato.Renato is one of the Elders and runs their bible teaching class.


We met the people in the bible teaching class and all of us prayed and prophesied with them. They are a group who are new Christians and are being taught the basics of the Christian faith.

So after a great time with them for two and half hours it was time for them to go home and us to go and eat. Back to the hotel restaurant that was already crowded with what seemed to be an office party. And on the menu was something I have not seen before. Half way down the page is "Grilled or fried locust". And you and I thought it was only eaten by people like John the Baptist! Perhaps I should have it for breakfast!


Lydia and Catherine and Ann are now tucking in to their breakfast as I write this now on Monday morning. Breakfast over, it is time to pack our cases and be on the move. Edi is kindly taking us in their childrens work minibus to Pogradec, past the Nehemiah Centre where we will have the Youth Camp in the summer, over the border into Macedonia and onto Ohrid. There we will get on a minibus and head for Skopje. So a day of travelling, but the sun is shining and God is with us.

Love from Lydia, Catherine, Ann and me.


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