Monday, 16 December 2013

Hurmë and people

One of the other fruits in abundance at this time of year is hurmë. In English we know it as Sharon fruit or Persimmon. They can be yellow in colour through to red or orange colour as below. They are the size of a large tomato and have to be bletted before they can be eaten. That is to say they are left until they appear to be over ripe. They begin to appear bruised or even going bad, but they are not. This is the time to eat them. You can eat them whole or cut them open and then eat the insides with a teaspoon.

On Saturday afternoon we want to Librazhd to meet the young people from the church there and speak with them. We have seen this group grow from from 5 to over 30 in number with several of them now at University in Tirana. Here is Ann with Erlisa who leads the group, and then photos of some of the youth. Our young people who have been to Youth Camp over the years will recognise many of them.






Then it was back to Elbasan to meet the young people at the church there who were practising their items for the Christmas meetings.

On Sunday morning I spoke at the Elbasan church and then some of the children rehearsed their parts for the Christmas meetings.



After this we had lunch with another family Ilir and Donika, Daniel and Lysania.

Then a meal in the evening with the church leaders Ilir and Rudina, when we talked through many things including their plans for next year and their request for us to help them develop their children and youth work.
Today, Monday, saw us having coffee and lunch with a couple from the Newfrontiers Bedford church, Ron and Sue, who have been here for 3 months helping the church. We caught up with Arjan in the afternoon and then with Blerim and Rudina with their daughter Amaris.
Now it is dark. Time to go and eat, then pack our cases ready for the journey home tomorrow.
Gezuar Krishtlindjet! Happy Christmas!
Ken and Ann


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