Sunday, 2 December 2012


I am with Liam, our Youth pastor here in Tallinn the capital of Estonia. It is 59 degrees north, a bit further north than Inverness and Aberdeen, as far north as parts of Alaska, so the days are short. (Or if you are in the southern hemisphere, further south than anywhere in South America or New Zealand.) We have had a couple of days here for Liam to see a few sights and get the feel of the culture of Estonia, (the apostle Paul did that in Athens) so that he was all the better equipped when meeting last night with the young people from the main Pentecostal church at their meeting called Terminal.  The photo is of Virge who comes from Estonia and was part of our church, Liam and the youth pastor Ivo. 

It was brilliant. Excellent worship, then Liam spoke and there was a really good response to what he brought. Liam was straight to the point, "tell your friends about Jesus, as He can change their life", "you are God's messenger to many". We had a good time with their youth pastor Ivo and his wife and we will meet up again on Monday just before we fly home.

Now today, Saturday we are travelling 4 hours, inc a short ferry journey, to Kuressaare Virge's home town where we speak first on local radio, then have lunch with the pastor Alur and his wife Marvi at their home, then talk to church leaders, have tea and then meet the young people from the church.

Here is Liam with Tiina who translated for us and Walter who runs the radio station.  Tomorrow we speak at the Sunday morning meeting. I am blogging this whilst having breakfast of rice pudder, rice porridge, like rice pudding and coffee. Sophia, Mike and Virge's daughter is gurgling and making noises as 1 year olds do. At the same time I am reading our names in the Kuressaare newspaper. Liam is billed as the "noortepastor" , youth pastor, pronounced naughty pastor!

Please pray that we have an effective time here in Estonia.

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