Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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I thought it was time for another Albanian lesson! This means "indescribable" in a good way! Yesterday after a chill out session at the local swimming pool, we all travelled 30 minutes to the town of Librazhd to hold a Concert in their Culture Centre. Here are some of the guys in front of the poster advertising the concert in Elbasan.

Here are Becca, Natalie and Amy. If you wonder how we do all our travelling then it is this minibus with Elmaz our driver. He collected us from the airport and takes us where ever we need to go.

Flori was with us for the Librazhd Concert in fact he starts us off. He sings "seranade Korcare", Korca (the city he comes from) love songs. these are known through Albania and everyone joins in so you are guaranteed audience participation from the start. Then he goes on to sing Christian songs in his style which always is greeted with huge appreciation. He raises the atmosphere right from the off! Then Matt and the band step on stage and take it from there.

Here are Matt and the guys. The audience in Librazhd just like last year is different from Elbasan. It is is virtually totally young people 13-22 say and all engaged with what is going on. The noise of the response from clapping, cheering is very loud!

Again this was followed by Liam who last night had at least 20 people respond to what he said. Liam said he felt totally in his element with such a crowd and it showed.

Here is Donika talking to a couple of the girls afterwards. Donika and Ilir lead the church here.

Liam was amazed to see so many people out on the street in the evening and for a a guy who likes to reach people this was a wonderful sight.

There were so many young people at the Concert one cannot help but think nearly all the youth of Librazhd will hear ab out this if they don't already know. Several of them said they would like to come to Camp with us, but it is not possible. I got a call during the Concert to say the Camp is full, full, full! We really cannot take any more , we have no where to sleep them!!

Now this morning after breakfast it was time to move on again, now to the Camp in Pogradec several hundred feet higher up, so cooler and next to Lake Ohrid.

Here we are loading up and time for a few last photos before the journey

and I travel back to the airport to meet Helen Cottee. Lots of love from us all and thank you for your prayers! Next blog will be from the Camp..


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