Saturday, 30 October 2010

Back in the land of the Eagles

Lee Layton Matthews our Youth Pastor, Tom Klitgaard and me flew from Gatwick yesterday to Albania, the Land of the Eagles. On arrival we were met by Shaban, who leads Bethel Church in Tirana, and his son Tani. Lee and Tom are spending the weekend in Tirana with them helping to encourage the youth work that already exists in the church. Many of their young people came to the Youth Camp in July.

I travelled north to Lezhe with Robert above, to spend the weekend with Robert and Mira. Mira has taken this photo of Rob and me on the beach at Shengjin today just before eating lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea! Its not all hard work! We spent the afternoon talking through a number of issues, including next years Youth Camp and some teaching we will be doing next April to the leaders of churches here.

On the way home we saw this sight which may not seem too unusual until I tell you that this car

with its bonnet up is being driven along the road! My camera skills were not good enough to catch the driver as well as the bonnet.

Tomorrow will see Lee speaking in Tirana and me here in Lezhe before we meet up again in Tirana on Monday where we will go to see a venue that might be a possibility for next years Youth Camp. Do pray for us especially for Lee who has a busy schedule encouraging and helping develop the youth work in each of the 5 churches we will go to here in Albania.

Lots of love,

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  1. the pic of the car...wonder what the story is behind that...or is it an Albanian pastime.!! Will be praying .....